Step 1

Do you want a box of goodies to treat yourself or to treat someone else? Perhaps you want to order your healthy box weekly or monthly without the fuss of having to re-order each time. You have come to the right place! Elpis offers you healthy snacks which are delivered to your door! Each box contains a minimum of 10 items, savoury and sweet. The products in each box ordered may vary so you can sample the delightful different healthy treats on offer. However, if there is something you do not like in your box or do like let us know and we will make sure to include it or not in your next box – drop us an email to Simply choose which box is right for you and you’re on the way to the healthier you!

Step 2

Select out of our 4 choices of healthy boxes: Healthy variety box, gluten free box, dairy free box, vegan box. Once you have selected the right box for you then select how often you want the box to be delivered to you. Either a single order, weekly or monthly. Your healthy box will be delivered wherever you want it to be, what could be simpler than that!

Step 3

Once you have selected your box all you then need to do is pay for it and we take care of the rest for you! Your box will be delivered to you as a one off, weekly or monthly. If however you want to cancel your subscription you can of course do so. Simply sign into your account which you subscribed to for the healthy boxes and select to cancel your subscription. If there are any issues please email us at