Hello & Welcome

Welcome to our new and improved website!

Here at Elpis HQ, we have lots of exciting products and ideas flying around so please bear with us and keep on checking the website for updates. Our vision is to encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle but to also be able to enjoy the little luxuries in life. It's simple...we are here to offer you the healthy alternative!

Chocolate for example,can be a no go for various reasons; dairy intolerance, high cholesterol, diabetes etc.  There are not enough products in local shops that offer alternatives for food group intolerances as well those with health problems. This is where Elpis comes galloping in to help! We are always on the hunt for something new and relevant.  If you know of any products that we may not be aware of, we would most certainly like to know, so please drop us an email at info@elpisconcept.co.uk

Food does not need to be the enemy. There is no secret or magical way to do this. It is as simple as this; treat yourself with care, as the more processed foods you consume the more your body will react! Everything should be in moderation and do not get bogged down by fad diets etc.

Life is to be lived and enjoyed. Free yourself of the over processed clutter that has invaded your palette for so long, and learn to respect basic, raw and natural nutrition. Go on...treat yourself!

Andriana Paraskeva